We have hit our first big milestone on Spotify!

Over 10,000 people tune in to 92 Keys each month, either directly or via recommendations from Spotify.

I’m positive the biggest reason Spotify has started recommending 92 Keys to more and more listeners is because our core group of supporters have given their algorithms enough positive data (streams, saves, playlist adds) surrounding our music that it feels confident to increase exposure. And the positive data has continued as the algorithm has introduced our ‘sound’ to a wider circle.

So thank you for feeding the beast with all of that great data! Couldn’t have surpassed this first big goal without you.

We started on Spotify in July of 2016 with our demo EP. The catalog finally expanded with the release of our first full album ‘Spring of Fire‘ on Sept. 4, 2018 and now we are feverishly working towards a ton of new music and videos.

If you love violin and piano music, that’s stupendous, we’ve hardly even started.

Have you heard 92 Keys on Spotify? Give us a whirl!