92 Keys was founded in 2015 by Trevor Loucks in Boise, ID. We have a passion for crafting unique and innovative instrumental music. We hope you love what we create as much as we love creating it. Thanks for stopping by!


Songwriter | Pianist


There are two worlds that have always fascinated me and 92 Keys is the result you get when combining them. Entrepreneurship, spreadsheets, budgeting, planning and execution are all things I enjoy doing which led me to graduate with a degree in Business Management from Boise State University. All that goes on behind the scenes to make a project like 92 Keys possible is equally as interesting to me as the creative side.

Then having the opportunity to sit at a piano to write music has been something I’ve loved exploring for the last twenty years. Creating something from nothing is a unique challenge that comes with its own stresses and failures, but when you get to step back and hear the final product, something that nobody else has played before, it’s worth it.

The first song I ever wrote and performed live, back in 2005, was for piano and violin. I’ve been hooked on that combination since high school and it’s exciting to be able to pursue that passion and grow it into something bigger.

I spent several years during my 20’s teaching music at a University in Kigali, Rwanda. That was an unforgettable time in my life. Before that I worked for five years at the NBC affiliate in Boise, ID as a field videographer. Did a short stint with Royal Caribbean International as a Cruise Ship pianist. Freelancing around the Northwest as a keys player has also been a common job since high school. However, it’s time to move beyond that and do something that I can find fulfilling as a musician. And thus, 92 Keys is born.