Little 92 Keys, with no record label and no PR help from any firm large or small, a virtually non-existent marketing budget, and from Boise, ID, which is not exactly a city known for anything to do with the music industry, has just experienced a 19,800% percentage increase in daily streams on Pandora.

That probably looks more impressive than it actually is (hint: the starting value is tiny). But it’s still very exciting for me!

I want to share some of the data in this post that Pandora makes available to artists, specifically, 92 Keys data. Out of all the streaming platforms out there I believe Pandora is the most artist-friendly. Apple Music and Spotify provide great analytics but they currently don’t offer anything remotely similar to what Pandora does in the form of their AMP and Next Big Sound solutions.

Historical Data

First, let’s take a look at how 92 Keys was doing on Pandora from January thru August 2018. During that time period all we had available was our six track, 2016 demo EP.

Month (2018) Total Plays
January 66
February 104
March 126
April 110
May 96
June 87
July 79
August 99

Total plays between January and August: 767.

Total number of days: 242

Daily stream average: 3, or one single stream every eight hours.

Not exactly impressive!

Current Data (October 2018)

Our Spring of Fire album was released on September 4, 2018 so we’ve had a little more than a month now to accumulate this data.

This is how 92 Keys streaming performance looks now on Pandora:

Artist Friendly Pandora and the Beginning of Growth for 92 Keys

That’s quite an improvement! Over the last 28 days we’ve seen 16,719 streams or 597 per day. And if you look to the right of the chart, you can see on Oct. 16 we had our very first 1,000+ stream day. Nice!

So from before Spring of Fire to after, we’ve jumped from 3 daily streams to now 597, a 19,800% increase.

Additionally, here is a chart which shows positive information about the music itself:

92 Keys Pandora Thumbs Up October 2018

Is the music we’re trying to hawk even something that people like to hear when it’s included in a radio station they are listening to?

This chart basically says that for other artists that are getting the same number of weekly streams, 71 ‘thumb-ups’ is the expected average. Ours is at 165! Over-indexing by 132%.

This is actually the most encouraging piece of data I’ve seen yet regarding the music we produce. It’s actually motivating to want to produce more quickly.

It will be interesting to see if we continue to over-index as daily stream counts improve (hopefully) over time.

On to demographics:

92 Keys Pandora Thumbs Up October 2018

I like this because it shows that our most popular demographic is women between the ages of 25 and 34. My favorite demo. 😀

Pandora AMP’s Featured Track Tool

Pandora AMP is the primary reason why I consider them to be the most artist friendly streaming platform out of the current bunch right now.

And it’s the only reason why we are seeing such a spike on the platform. They actually have a mechanism in place, where even if you’re a group like we are with no label or marketing support, you can get one of your shiny new songs legitimate inclusion on relevant artist stations.

You do that by featuring a track. Someone at Pandora will then review the song and correctly categorize it so it plays next to relevant, similar songs.

The rules for getting a track featured are:

  • No more than six tracks per year.
  • The maximum length a song can be featured is 8 weeks.
  • The song has to have been released in the last year.

Very reasonable.

And then what we’ve seen as the weeks have gone on is a larger and larger gap between featured track plays and organic plays. That basically means as our featured track has been introduced into more sets of ears, those same people have hit the thumbs up button, added 92 Keys as a radio station (sweet!), or hit the track replay button which must mean they really liked the song.

It’s all so cool to me because for the listener it’s a completely organic way to discover new music without even feeling like it’s being ‘pushed’ on to them. Someone might be listening to their 2Cellos station, and on the 20th track, here comes that 92 Keys!

Pandora’s Lead Engineer wrote a very descriptive post on how it all works, it’s a thirteen minute read.

The Other Platforms

As for Spotify, they do have a robust artist portal that gives all sorts of useful data, and they did just roll out a new feature a few months ago where you can submit an unreleased track for review for possible inclusion on a relevant official Spotify playlist. I submitted a track from Spring of Fire but that literally did nothing for us.

The good news though is we’ve seen very similar growth on Spotify as we have on Pandora even without any promotional help. Part of that is because Spotify has a much higher active user count globally. They operate in 65 countries while Pandora is only available in the United States.

Remember our daily average plays (as of this post) on Pandora is now 597? Well since Spring of Fire released on September 4, 2018 thru October 20, 2018, our daily average streams on Spotify is now 599. Almost identical growth!

Apple Music has a nice artists portal as well, but nothing in terms of submitting songs for any kind of editorial review or an automated system that Pandora built.

We’ll see in the future though!

And then of course there are a myriad of other platforms that I have been keeping track of that host 92 Keys music; Deezer, Anghami (Middle East), Tidal, Google Music, NetEase (China), Saavn (India), RadioSparx (they play 92 Keys in retail stores and hotels), Claro Musica (South America), and several smaller services across Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

It all adds up.

92 Keys on Pandora

So, do you enjoy Classical Crossover music and want to help 92 Keys grow even faster? That’s easy! Just add us as one of your artist stations on Pandora.