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“Hello! We are musicians and creators based out of Boise, ID and Ft. Worth, TX. And we are busy preparing new and exceptional content centered around the piano and violin to be released in July 2017.

In short, we will be producing ten high-end videos for 2017 and we are making sponsorship available for the entire run.

This page is meant to communicate the value proposition for your brand should you decide to partner with 92 Keys in sponsorship.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email!



“Falling Slowly”

If you are a private benefactor of the arts and have an interest in supporting 92 Keys either privately or through some other arrangement, we’d love to hear from you as well! Call or Email Trevor Loucks to chat.

What We Do

  • We write, record, and produce high-end instrumental music

  • We strive to be an inspiration to kids who are learning music

  • We film in incredible locations which captures the eye from the very first frame

  • We develop innovative and energetic arrangements of popular songs

  • We create videos that are easily shareable on social media

  • We have fun while doing all of these things 🙂


Sponsorship Benefits

  • Logo branding that is prominently placed on the video

  • Link back to your desired landing page URL

  • Have a company event or other event? How about a private 92 Keys concert?

  • Positive association as a brand supporting the arts

  • Some friendly shout outs on 92 Keys social media

  • Logo branding on the video landing page on 92Keys.com

Wherever our videos get embedded, your brand will follow.

This is a small sample of press outlets that have written about and shared our videos:



godvine media


1,051,386 Views on for our demo content in 2016.

We expect much wider exposure in 2017.

Read: more exposure for your brand!

Who We Are

Crista Guthrie – Violinist and Songwriter

  • First started playing the violin at the age of 3

  • Performed on stage with Josh Groban, William Joseph, The Piano Guys, Cyndi Lauper, and opened for Carrie Underwood

  • 3

  • Performed at Carnegie Hall with an honors orchestra

  • 5


Crista Sponsor 4
Trevor Sponsor

Trevor Loucks – Pianist and Songwriter

  • Entertainment pianist for Royal Caribbean Cruises

  • Worked as a music teacher for two years at the Adventist University of Central Africa in Kigali, Rwanda

  • 3

  • 4

  • Founder of 92 Keys

The Independent Creators We Work With

Parker Walbeck – Director of Photography

  • Three years as head editor and 2nd director for DevinSuperTramp

  • 500 Million+ Video Views

  • 3 Million+ Subscribers

  • Directed for major brands including Ford, Mountain Dew, Ubisoft, Champion, Citibank, Turkish Airlines, Panasonic, Bear Naked Granola, Timex and more.

YouTube Logo1479191151_social-media_instagram

Parker Sponsor

Stephen Anderson – Composer and Producer

  • Scored original music for the movies “Orc Wars”, “The Playbook”, “Inspired Guns”

  • Composing original music since the age of 13

  • Music Producer for Lindsey Stirling since 2009

  • 1.5 Billion+ Video Views

  • 8.6 Million+ Subscribers

  • Listen to Stephen’s other work on Spotify or Soundcloud

Giles Reaves – Recording Engineer and Producer