92Keys Year in Review

Well this was quite a year for 92 Keys.

One year ago I had no idea how this would all look by this time.

We’ve put out three pieces of music with accompanying videos, I know that probably doesn’t sound like a whole lot but believe me, it was. And the important thing for me was to build the right team working behind the scenes so that we can move forward successfully developing 92 Keys over the long term.

Even though we are still in our infancy, it was overall a successful year. And it’s going to be really exciting to see what happens next.

It took a small army

This 92Keys year in review article wouldn’t be complete without thanking everyone who has helped this year. I couldn’t believe how many people were involved with our first three videos as I was compiling this list. These are people that all had a direct contribution in labor, equipment, and financial resources. If you are one of those on this list, THANK YOU. You da bomb.

  • Stephen Anderson
  • Blaine Johnston
  • Zachary Johansson
  • Ebenezer Makinde
  • DJ Ramirez
  • David St. John
  • Jessica Joy
  • Emily Jones
  • Jennifer Harned
  • Barbara Schmidt
  • Sarah Morris
  • Xavier Misener
  • Candi Zappia
  • Jesse Zappia
  • Phyllis Tincher
  • Crista Guthrie
  • Debby Brunel
  • Danielle Maxwell
  • Denise Loucks
  • Frank Loucks
  • Brenda Loucks
  • Brandon Loucks
  • Penny Soucy
  • Dick Soucy
  • Jon Swarthout
  • Dee Sarton
  • Brianne Grey
  • Brian Jackson
  • Brett Jackson
  • Jim Howell

What is 92 Keys working on for 2016?

For pretty much the first half of the year our plan is to write, write, and write. For the second half, the goal is to put all the music we create to video.

So for January – June, 2016 we probably won’t be making too much noise as we work to get the music just right for our first album.

Here is where my butt will be parked during that time:


Most of my days now are being spent at my makeshift writing station.

Combining ideas with what Crista and Stephen create will make for a pretty sweet first album. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it. I can’t wait to hear it!

Thank you again. Make good choices in 2016!