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Carol of the Bells

Violin & Piano Cover by 92 Keys

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Background – By Trevor Loucks

This third video by the 92 Keys crew represents some firsts for us. First Christmas song. First song we wrote above 150 beats per minute. First time I’ve ever worn a bow-tie. And the first time we had the opportunity to work with the lovely and talented Crista Guthrie. It’s amazing to me what everyone on our team brings to the table and Crista is no exception. From the moment we first made contact, she didn’t hesitate to explore this idea with us.

Like for so many other people, this song has been top of my list of Christmas favorites for as long as I can remember. And as far as 92 Keys is concerned, this is the first song I arranged from scratch for this group. Was just so excited to finally do it! Had to get it out of my system before working on any of the other pieces.

Can you hear three other songs which are embedded in this arrangement? I’m sure most people will pick up on one of them, but if you can hear two of the other embedded songs, then that really is amazing. You can now call yourself a music nerd. Congratulations.

Writing this Christmas arrangement started in April and now here it is in its final form as the final 92 Keys song of 2015. This has been an incredible year of learning and growing for all of us, me especially. Thank you to all of you who have supported us. It means more than you probably realize.

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Carol of the Bells

Carol of the Bells Credits


Arrangement for 92 Keys Created by: Trevor Loucks
Violin Written and Recorded by: Crista Guthrie
Piano Written and Recorded by: Trevor Loucks
Produced by: Stephen Anderson
Recorded and Mastered by: Blaine Johnston

Special Thanks

Idaho Audio Visual • Jim Howell • Brianne Gray • Dee Sarton • Debby Brunel • Phyllis Tincher • Candi and Jesse Zappia • Frank Loucks


Director | DP: Zachary Johansson
Technical Engineer: David St. John
Makeup and Wardrobe: Danielle Maxwell


Thank you Stillwater Hollow in Nampa, Idaho for allowing us invade for two days of filming. In addition to being an excellent spot for cinematography, Stillwater Hollow is also an amazing location for weddings and other events and is run by extremely passionate individuals looking to build up the community around them. Their website is