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Jordan’s Song

Piano & Violin Original by 92 Keys

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“In memory of Jordan Zappia and dedicated to all families who have lost a child”

Background – By Trevor Loucks

There is a diverse community of individuals among us who have lived through the highest degree of suffering a human can experience.

Jordan was the happy, energetic, and bright-eyed child of Candi and Jesse Zappia. In the middle of the night, on August 14, 2011, they unexpectedly joined that community as the rest of us woke up to the news that Jordan had passed away. At 16 months, it was too old to be considered SIDS. The official term used for Jordan is SUDC; sudden unexplained death in childhood. But it might as well be called WDHACS; we don’t have a clue, sorry.

I remember Jordan’s funeral as being the saddest day I have ever witnessed. From a distance, I could see Jordan’s family going through a hell of pain and sadness. At the time, there was nothing anybody could do for the family except cry with them.

At the end of this video, you can see a clip of Jordan just laughing away having a good time. That was just the type of baby he was; happy. To go from that to nothing. From sounds of laughter to silence. How is that even allowed to happen?

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Writing Jordan’s Song

This all started when Jordan’s mom, Candi, gave her blessing for this idea in October 2014. Before there was a 92 Keys or a creative team that could put it together. Looking back, that was an incredible thing for Candi and Jesse to agree to.

It would have been easy to write a melancholic song in some minor key. You know, something sad, moody, and depressing. Candi and I were both adamant though that any song on this theme can’t be either of those things. Kids laugh, play, run, get dirty, and make noise. Why write something that isn’t going to touch on those fundamental traits?

After scrapping roughly a dozen ideas over a three-month period, what you hear in this piece is what was finally settled on. A song with movement and energy! And one that doesn’t forget the reality of loss.

Filming at TRICA

Oh, how poetic it was that this location for filming worked out, at the very last second no less. In the north end of Boise, there exists a grand, old, stone Church. When we met the new owner of the building and started learning the history of this place, the parallels with Jordan’s story struck all of us.

For most of the 1900’s this Church carried the activities of the local Methodist congregation. That story changed in the late 1970’s when it was sold to a private party as a result of a diminishing congregation. Eventually, the Church transformed into a meth house after plans to turn the Church into an apartment building failed.

Following 40 years of disintegration, the Church was purchased in 2007 by a local non-profit (TRICA), with a mission to restore, rebuild, and to develop a comprehensive children’s art center. As has the story of Jordan, this building has gone from happiness to darkness. And now, recovery.

Jordan’s Ride and Recovery

There comes a point when a conscious decision needs to be made to move forward. I remember talking on the phone with Candi once and something she said really struck me in a way I won’t ever forget. “I have a made a decision to live,” she said.

Jordan’s father, Jesse, has made the same decision and has taken up biking as an outlet for grief. Early in 2012 the idea for Jordan’s Ride was born, an annual event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for SIDS/SUDC research and counseling. Every year, Jesse rides the extreme route of 105 miles in honor of Jordan, joined by many families in Idaho and beyond who ride for their child.

Candi and Jesse have also become the proud parents of two more children; Sydney and Jayden.

Things are better. They’re not perfect, but they’re better. A community of great friends and family along with a strong faith have been the anchors for healing.

We will keep moving forward right alongside with them and we will never forget the life of Jordan.


Jordan’s Song Credits


Jordan’s Song Written by: Trevor Loucks
Violin Written and Recorded by: Jessica Joy
Piano Written and Recorded by: Trevor Loucks
Produced by: Stephen Anderson
Recorded and Mastered by: Blaine Johnston


Mother: Sarah Morris
Son: Xavier Misener

Special Thanks

Candi and Jesse Zappia • Danielle Maxwell • Zappia Family • Maxwell Family • Jennifer Harned • Denise and Frank Loucks • Bob Freeman • Dick and Penny Soucy


Director | DP: Zachary Johansson
Technical Engineer: Ebenezer Makinde
Makeup Artist: Emily Jones


Filmed at the Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts (TRICA) in Boise, Idaho. Thank you to Jon Swarthout for donating this space to us. TRICA is currently remodeling and raising funds to complete a longtime goal to create opportunity in Boise for children’s art initiatives. Their website is