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Rolling in the Deep (Adele)

Violin & Piano Cover by 92 Keys

Total Views: 122,529

Rolling in the Deep (Adele)

Violin & Piano Cover by 92 Keys

Total Views: 122,529

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Music Video Background – By Trevor Loucks

Wow, this was our first video in two years. It’s so nice to be producing new content again! And it was really fun working with Chloé Trevor on this Rolling in the Deep video.

I traveled down to Texas a few weeks before this video released to film with Chloe in the the hot desert sun on the west side of Austin. As you can see in the video, we filmed both during the evening and at night time with a fire tech crew. That was very cool having explosions behind us!

We worked much later into the night than we had anticipated and boy was I dehydrated. Every time they shot off the flames we could feel a wave of massive heat hit us so that made it even more interesting filming each take.

Thank you to Chloé for being willing to work with me on this song and video. Chloe is incredibly busy as a concert violinist, in demand for performances with orchestras world-wide, so it was definitely a pencil in thing to get this video produced!

Spring of Fire” is filled with energetic and fiery arrangements. This video was the perfect pick to launch the album with, I love how it just starts at max energy with no build up. It’s like bam, hello!

Rolling in the Deep

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Chloe and Trevor

Taking a little break for some still pictures in between takes. Though, during the evening, breaks can’t be very long because ‘golden hour’ only lasts for about 90 minutes before it gets too dark so it is a race against time to get as many good takes as possible before the good lighting goes away.

You can see more of the high-resolution stills from our Rolling in the Deep filming day on Flickr.

Thank you to our Patrons for making this video possible!

David Hammond

Scott Wallace

Brandon Loucks

Tom and Janette Carter

Dick and Penny Soucy

Kristin Thiele

Rolling in the Deep Credits

Arrangement Created by: Trevor Loucks
Violin Recorded by: Chloé Trevor
Violin Written by: Shane Mickelsen
Piano Written and Recorded by: Trevor Loucks
Produced by: Stephen Anderson
Mixed by: Giles Reaves

Special Thanks

Jack Whitby (for providing the piano), Lynne Dickinson (park coordinator), Dripping Spring Fire Department


Director | DP: Adam Grumbo
Edited by: Adam Grumbo
Fire tech: Big Dog Pyro
Production assistant: Bobby Fredrickson
Photographer: Priyam Mazumdar
Makeup: Ruth Illera


Dripping Springs Ranch Park, Texas

Behind the Story of “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele

Written for

“Rolling in the Deep” is the lead single from singer/songwriter Adele on her second album, 21. The song was an incredible success that propelled Adele into the international spotlight. The song and album were full of emotion and meaning for the creator.

The album and song are primarily about a breakup Adele had after she began to attain success and fame. The relationship sent her reeling for a long time and even contributed to a canceled US tour. When the split finally happened, she wrote her smash hit “Rolling in the Deep.”

A lot of people who like “Rolling in the Deep” are still unsure what the title actually means, or where it came from.

The singer explained it herself to Rolling Stone, “Like ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ the phrase ‘rolling in the deep,’ is sort of my adaptation of a kind of slang, slur phrase in the UK called ‘roll deep,’ which means to have someone, always have someone that has your back, and you’re never on your own, if you’re ever in trouble you’ve always got someone who’s going to come and help you fight it or whatever like that.”

Anyone who has heard the song knows it’s about pain, and the strength to not turn back to the one who hurt you. When Adele talked to Spinner about the song and album, she said, “I was angry! I was really angry with my personal life up to about a year ago.” “So yeah, the whole record is a bit bitter.”

The album at times is angry, sad, strong, resentful, and freeing. All of that is displayed perfectly in the albums debut song. It has a way of speaking to anyone who has been through heartbreak and come out the other side better for it.

Creation of the Song

Like many great pieces of art, “Rolling in the Deep” was created during a time of pain and suffering for singer Adele. “Rolling in the Deep” was developed one day after a difficult breakup while sitting in the studio with producer Paul Epworth.

This incredible song was written and recorded in a single day. Both Paul Epworth and Adele have talked about that fateful day on several occasions. Adele entered the studio wanting to write a somber song about the breakup she just experienced.

She said later, “I never get angry, but I was ready to murder. I went in crying and stuff and said, “Let’s write a ballad.” And he [Paul Epworth] was like, “Absolutely not! I want to write a fierce tune.”

When Adele first started working with Paul, she was concerned about their very different musical styles, later on though, she called it “a match made in heaven.”

After taking a seat on the couch with a notebook and her dog in her lap, she just wrote in silence for a few hours. Eventually, Adele looked up to Paul and said, “I have something, I want to try it.”

With that, they swung the mic over to the couch, and she did two recordings of the song. “That is the recording you hear on the album,” Paul Epworth has said, “It was just that good.”

Adele later tried several other recordings of the song but felt she never captured the pure emotion that she had in the first take. Later that year at an awards show, Adele confessed that she never had any faith in the song, and thought it wouldn’t amount to anything.

The Life of the Song

“Rolling in the Deep” has been the most successful crossover hit of the last 25 years inside the United States.

This song has also been loved all across the world. With almost 21 million digital singles sold, this instant classic is one of the best-selling digital songs in history. Look no further than, where it sits at a comfortable 1.3 billion views.

In 2011 the song sat on the Billboard Hot 100 in the number one spot, becoming Adele’s first number one hit in the country. It closed out the year as the Billboard Hot 100 number one single of 2011.

During that year the song and album were nominated for countless awards. At the MTV Video Music Awards, the music video was nominated for seven awards and took home three.

“Rolling in the Deep” also brought home three Grammy Awards for Best Short Form Music Video, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year. The Album itself, 21, brought home another three Grammy Awards.

Rolling stone also named 21 the best record of the year and “Rolling in the Deep” the best single of 2011. The awards and praise for this song don’t stop there. That year you could not watch an awards show without seeing “Rolling in the Deep” take home a prize. All of which were well deserved.

The Legacy of the Song

If you are listening to the radio, you will still hear “Rolling in the Deep”. It remains a fan favorite, and arguably one of Adele’s best songs of all time.

The song has been used in a number of TV shows, movies, and even political campaigns (against Adele’s protests).

The song showed up in Doctor Who, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Made in Chelsea.

You may have also caught it in a couple of movies including I Am Number Four and Skiptrace where it is sung by an inebriated Jack Chan.

“Rolling in the Deep” has also been used for marketing purposes, such as the ad for iPhone 4S. It was also heavily featured in several sports events like the 2011 NBA Draft. Everywhere you look, you will find an Adele fan.


“Rolling in the Deep” was the major turning point in Adele’s career. It allowed her to reach a larger audience than ever before. It brought her fans from every walk of life including fellow celebrities. The song itself is a favorite for covers.

It has had multiple high profile covers including Linkin Park and Aretha Franklin. Celine Dion previously sang the song at her Las Vegas performances, always telling the audience, “I love Adele so much!”

Adele has captured beauty and emotion that can be shared with anyone. It’s unfortunate that something so wonderful came from so much pain, but that pain and wonder has touched the lives of millions.

The song contains a sentiment and message that everyone can understand and relate to. It speaks of heartache and the personal strength needed to walk away from something or someone that hurts you.

It shows that there is no happiness without some suffering, and lets everyone know that they don’t go through it alone. Everyone has been there. Everyone has suffered heartache caused by another, no matter how big or small.

It speaks to human nature and shows that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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