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Uprising on Bach’s Toccata (Muse)

Piano & Violin Cover by 92 Keys

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Uprising Background – By Crista Guthrie

This video is a mix between two songs. “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach is what inspired this special arrangement with the song “Uprising” by English rock band Muse.

Before the birth of 92 Keys, I was writing this arrangement for a string quartet, which I still plan to have available one day! But, while working on producing 92 Keys’ first EP with Trevor Loucks, I felt strongly this arrangement would add some intense excitement to our track list.

As a classically-trained violinist, practicing the works of Bach is something included in my everyday practice. Thus, I had to include it in this first EP somehow . . . Toccata and Fugue in D minor was originally written for the organ, and many people have arranged it for multiple instruments. It is one of J.S. Bach’s most popular works. One day I had my Spotify songs on shuffle mode, and Uprising by Muse happened to come on right after Bach’s Toccata and Fugue. As I went on about my day, both songs were stuck in my head at the same time because they are both in D minor, and I guess they’re both just really awesome songs that are well worth having stuck in your head all day. As a result, I wrote down what I heard in my head and then Trevor and Stephen Anderson, our producer, continued to develop and polish it.

The video was filmed near Swan Falls Dam. For each video, we– Parker Waldeck, his brother Dakota, Corbin, Trevor, and I– always spent a few hours before “golden hour” scouting the location to find the perfect view. Originally we were going to shoot the video in a desert area just outside of Kuna, Idaho, but there were a lot of litter shells everywhere from people going out there to shoot guns. We drove a few more miles down the road and came across beautiful Swan Valley. We parked our cars and began the next big process: getting the piano off the trailer and onto a flat area near the pretty view.

This was the first video we filmed that week. And, man, was it windy! I was holding on to my bow for dear life save the wind take it away. But, I guess the wind just makes the video even more intense, which is the vibe we’re going for!


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“92 Keys” – EP

Uprising on Bach's Toccata

Track List:

  • Welcome Home
  • Falling Slowly
  • Sugar
  • Uprising on Bach’s Toccata
  • Fireflies
  • Little Star

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Uprising on Bach’s Toccata Credits

Arrangement for 92 Keys Created by: Crista Guthrie
Violin Written and Recorded by: Crista Guthrie
Piano Written and Recorded by: Trevor Loucks
Produced by: Stephen Anderson

Special Thanks

The wind. For making everything harder during filming.


Director | DP: Parker Walbeck
Drone Pilot: Dakota Walbeck
Edited by: Dakota Walbeck
Production Assistant: Corbin Bishop
Production Assistant: Jeff Stiles


High above Swan Falls dam in Kuna, ID