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Welcome Home (Radical Face)

Violin & Piano Cover by 92 Keys

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Welcome Home Background – By Trevor Loucks

This was such a fun video to film!

I wrote the arrangement for this song a full year before we filmed it. After hearing Radical Face for the first time and their recording of this song, I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a very folksy and upbeat type of song which is right up my alley. I would actually dare to say this song is the most fun one for me to play at the piano on the “92 Keys” EP.

Now, getting onto the filming. It was no small effort!

About a month and a half before we were scheduled to film I got a hold of the mayor as well as the director of Parks and Recreation for the city of Twin Falls. Didn’t know what their reaction would be to a request of allowing a piano/violin group to film a music video on top of Shoshone Falls. To my surprise they loved the idea! I drove out to Twin Falls and the Parks director was super nice and showed me around the area so we could start to figure out how this would be logistically possible.

It quickly became obvious that the only way we could get the grand piano on top of Shoshone Falls would be by hiring a helicopter to lift it up there. We certainly didn’t have a budget for that! So we went for the next best thing and figured out that we could load the piano up on a pontoon boat and transport it to Pillar Falls which is a few miles downstream from Shoshone Falls. You’ll even see a shot in the video where I’m playing the song while the pontoon boat is driving down the river near Perrine bridge.

That all worked out really nice. And we were still able to get Crista on top of the money shot, carrying a violin is a little easier.

We filmed all six videos on the EP in six consecutive days. This video was the 5th day. So even starting the day we all woke up pretty exhausted. Carrying the piano into Pillar Falls and hiking to the top of Shoshone certainly tested our endurance, but we made it! And for the final product, it was so worth it. Hope you enjoy the scenery!

Welcome Home

Sheet Music


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“92 Keys” – EP

Welcome Home

Track List:

  • Welcome Home
  • Falling Slowly
  • Sugar
  • Uprising on Bach’s Toccata
  • Fireflies
  • Little Star
Welcome Home Credits

Arrangement for 92 Keys Created by: Trevor Loucks
Violin Written and Recorded by: Crista Guthrie
Piano Written and Recorded by: Trevor Loucks
Produced by: Stephen Anderson

Special Thanks

City of Twin Falls • Wendy Davis • Dennis the Ranger at Shoshone Falls • Olin Gardner


Director | DP: Parker Walbeck
Drone Pilot: Dakota Walbeck
Edited by: Dakota Walbeck
Production Assistant: Corbin Bishop


Shoshone Falls and Pillar Falls.