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Executive Summary

Hello, Zions Bank Western Idaho Giving Committee!

We have a unique and fun proposal for your consideration for 2017.

We are a Piano and Violin group based out of Boise, ID focusing on developing high-class instrumental music paired with incredible cinematography.

In the last couple years, Zions Bank has made an aggressive expansion into Idaho, specifically with the brand new Zions Bank building in downtown Boise. Along with your CEO, Scott Anderson, who has passionately supported the arts throughout the years, we feel our Boise-based brand 92 Keys would be a natural fit with Zions Bank’s marketing goals.

We are seeking for a full campaign of ten videos to be produced and distributed for the second half of 2017.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Trevor Loucks

“Falling Slowly”

What We Do

  • We write, record, and produce high-end instrumental music

  • We strive to be an inspiration to kids who are learning music

  • We film in incredible locations, capturing the eye from the very first frame

  • We develop innovative and energetic arrangements of popular songs

  • We create videos that are easily shareable on social media

  • This is a dream and a passion project for Crista and myself

2017 Plan

The video above is an example of what we have created and published this year. In 2017 we are hoping to produce 10 videos total. We have already begun the drafting and writing process for the new music and will record and produce with our team in Utah and Los Angeles.

The first video will be released in July 2017 with the subsequent nine following every 3 to 4 weeks. We have found that releasing one video at a time with a time gap in between allows us to effectively promote each video to reach the largest possible audience.

In 2016 we achieved great results with 100% self-promotion and no marketing budget. However, in 2017 we hope to build on that by partnering with two marketing firms which will help us to aggressively promote to the widest audience possible:

  • Digital Media – SEO.com (based out of Draper, UT) – They will be in charge of all digital aspects of our content promotion including FB ads, Adwords, SEO, keyword research, optimization, ranking, and other marketing techniques.
  • Outreach Media – Print and Online – Independent Music Promotions (based out of Nashville, TN) – They will be in charge of all PR, press outreach, press releases, and general outreach to the hundreds of writers and bloggers with which they have previous working relationships.


The cost to produce one video is $6,000. Ideally, one sponsor would cover the cost of ten videos. This price includes all audio production, all video production, and all logistics costs for film and audio.

We are hoping to produce ten videos in 2017 that will each be marketed and distributed individually (3-4 weeks apart).

Should Zions Bank have an interest in sponsoring all ten videos, we could do so at a rate of $4,500 per video. There is a private benefactor who has supported 92 Keys in 2016 who would cover the $15k gap if we obtain sponsorship for all ten videos.

All of the revenue 92 Keys has earned in 2016 is being allocated to contribute to the overall costs of production in 2017.

A ten video sponsorship would result in a lengthy campaign where the Zions Bank brand would be deeply integrated with all of 92 Keys activities (videos, concerts, and other events) from July 2017 through the first half of 2018.

Zions Bank Sponsorship Benefits

  • National media exposure in varying markets across the U.S.

  • Logo branding that is prominently placed on the video

  • Logo branding on the video landing page on 92Keys.com

  • Link back to your desired landing page URL

  • Positive association as a brand supporting the arts

  • The opportunity to become a major sponsor of a local grassroots Idaho musical group

  • Friendly shout outs on 92 Keys social media

  • Have a company event or other event? How about a private 92 Keys concert?

Wherever our videos are embedded, the Zions Bank brand will follow.

This is a sample of press outlets that have written about and shared our videos:


1,051,386 views on for our demo content in 2016.

We expect much wider exposure in 2017 with bigger and bolder ideas for both music and locations where we will film. We will also be partnering with two marketing firms ensuring all ten videos are heavily promoted to a much larger audience.

Who We Are

Crista Guthrie – Violinist and Songwriter

  • First started playing the violin at the age of 3

  • Performed on stage with Josh Groban, William Joseph, The Piano Guys, Cyndi Lauper, and opened for Carrie Underwood

  • Spent part of a summer teaching music to children in Costa Rica

  • Performed at Carnegie Hall with an honors orchestra

  • Current phenomenal violinist and representative for 92 Keys!


Crista Sponsor 4
Trevor Sponsor

Trevor Loucks – Pianist and Songwriter

  • Entertainment pianist for Royal Caribbean Cruises

  • Worked as a music teacher for two years at the Adventist University of Central Africa in Kigali, Rwanda

  • Business and Entrepreneurial Management graduate from Boise State University (2014)

  • Founder of 92 Keys

The Independent Creators We Work With

Parker Walbeck – Director of Photography

  • Three years as head editor and 2nd director for DevinSuperTramp

  • 500 Million+ Video Views

  • 3 Million+ Subscribers

  • Directed for major brands including Ford, Mountain Dew, Ubisoft, Champion, Citibank, Turkish Airlines, Panasonic, Bear Naked Granola, Timex and more.

YouTube Logo1479191151_social-media_instagram

Parker Sponsor

Stephen Anderson – Composer and Producer

  • Scored original music for the movies “Orc Wars”, “The Playbook”, “Inspired Guns”

  • Composing original music since the age of 13

  • Music Producer for Lindsey Stirling since 2009

  • 1.5 Billion+ Video Views

  • 8.6 Million+ Subscribers

  • Listen to Stephen’s other work on Spotify or Soundcloud

Giles Reaves – Recording Engineer and Producer